About Concrete Specialists.

Established in 1996, Concrete Specialists NZ 2022 Ltd (CSNZ) are a family-owned and operated business. We have moved from basic concrete cutting to a range of concrete treatment solutions.

Working in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors CSNZ delivers affordable and professional treatments for your specific needs.

CSNZ provide the following services:

  • Cut, demolish and remove unwanted concrete slabs or concrete structures.
  • Apply densifier coatings to concrete slabs. This makes it impermeable and increases the longevity of the concrete.
  • Expansion cut new concrete driveways and slabs to stop it from cracking.
  • Drill holes in concrete for plumbing, electrical and other services.
  • Scan concrete for hidden steel
  • Cut concrete walls for new windows or door openings.
  • Polish your new concrete slabs or rejuvenate an old one with a new topping.
  • Decorative cut, grout and seal your patio and outdoor rooms to enhance your concrete.
  • Tile kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas to update their appearance
  • Plaster walls, fences
  • Repair cracks in floors and walls
  • Grind outdoor areas to create a non-slip finish and prevent slips
  • Waterproof areas such as patios, basements, bathrooms

Our team of experienced operators can work with you on projects after hours, evenings or weekends if needed to get the job done.