Acid Washing and Sealing.

Concrete is a porous surface and can be easily stained. Acid wash is widely used to clean concrete floors, brickwork and stone.

Many concrete surfaces accumulate dirt and dust which becomes embedded, staining from vegetation debri and general wear and tear over time, particularly after Winter months when moisture causes mould and green slippery surfaces. The good news is that most stains can be removed from concrete floors with the proper equipment and procedures like acid washing. When a concrete surface is cleaned, it’s often surprising how much better it looks.

Acid washing can also be used after new concrete has cured sufficiently. It is a requirement in order to remove surface efflorescence and to open the pores before sealing. This will help the sealer to penetrate and result in a superior bond between the sealer and the surface.

Sealing after acid washing provides long lasting durability and enhances or deepens the colour of your blocks, it is important to seal the acid washed area as it offers excellent protection against staining.

  • Stops concrete dusting
  • Stops algae and bacterial growth
  • Allows for low maintenance cleaning
  • Eliminates alkali problems
  • Avoids destructive water blasting
  • Waterproofs concrete
  • Stops efflorescence
  • Increases abrasion resistance