Concrete Repairs, Grouting and Joint Sealing.

Concrete Specialists are experts in concrete repairs, as well as grouting to fill both expansion or decorative cuts, and joint sealing between precast concrete slabs.

Concrete repairs.

Deterioration of concrete may happen for any number of reasons, concrete needs to be maintained. It is affected by the stresses and strains of everyday life as well as natural movement of land. Concrete repairs are assessed on a site by site basis and Concrete Specialists NZ use products and processes based on site specific assessments.

We use a range of durable products that will protect your concrete and prevent the need for future repairs. 

Repair cracked concrete to prevent problems from turning into larger issues. Our team will tackle cracks and repairs early to help preserve your concrete in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Keep small damage from growing.


Using a range of grouting products specifically for your project, our experienced team can make your tiled concrete project look finished and attractive filling the cuts with coloured grout for contrast or closely matching grout to the areas needed. Flexible grout products will cope with the expansion and contraction movement of the concrete cuts in floors. Call us to discuss the grout options we can supply and install for you.

Joint seal precast concrete panels.

The main reason for joint sealing of precast concrete is to create an impermeable barrier between the units, this could be for preventing dirt and water getting into a construction joint or to make a weatherproof seal. Sealants can also improve the aesthetics of the wall giving the joints a smooth finish.

Concrete Specialists NZ use quality product that will remain soft and be able to deal with movement between the precast units. It will also cope with expansion and contraction of concrete joints if being used for floors.